Setting DataPageSize when using pivot tables

Setting DataPageSize when using pivot tables

Post by SyBMdXR0cm » Thu, 10 Mar 2005 08:35:09

I'm trying set up records on my data access page to display with a pivot
table; basically, I have three lists that I want to display with each project
record (managers, team members and measures)

I want to display a list of projects. I can do this by setting DataPageSize
to 'all' however, then I can only display one of the three lists as a
subpage, the other two would have to be subsubpages which doesn't make sense.

I can get all three of the list displayed with the each project using pivot
tables, however, then I am unable to display a list of projects because when
I go to set the DataPageSize to 'all' I get this error message "Cannot set
DataPageSize to a value other than 1 when there are elements on the page with

If I set ConsumesRecordset=False, the pivot table no longer works. I'm
unable to find any help posting related to ConsumesRecordset. Any help would
be great. Thanks!

Setting DataPageSize when using pivot tables

Post by Devin Adin » Tue, 03 Jan 2006 12:39:13

I was wondering if you found an answer to your question. I have created a
data access page comprized of three levels of groups and a pivot table.
When I attempted to set the datapagesize for several of the groups and got
the error you indicated.