Validation Rule not working

Validation Rule not working

Post by paul_washi » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 04:50:34

Hello, I'm new at this, but I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything out
of the ordinary. I created a table, with certain fields, my primary
key is a field with the following validation rule : Like
"????########". It's for students, and it represents their permanent
code, ex: WASP12345678. I enter data no problem, and if I miss I get
the validation violation message, no problems so far.

Then I created a Data Access Page using the wizard , using this table
to display all my fields, and to be able to use it to enter new
records. When I actually use it, no matter what I put in my
permanentcode field, after I click the "save" button, I always get the
violation message. I enter just numbers, I get the message, I enter
WASP12345678 again, I get the message.... what gives?

Anyone got this before?

I'm using access 2002 SP-2, with all the updates.

Validation Rule not working

Post by paul_washi » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 07:40:55

Hello it's me again. I've been able to reproduce this exact same
reaction in Access 2000 SR-1 on win2000Pro. I'm sure it's the same
for everyone else. Can someone else at least make the effort in
confirming this situation(or bug)? This bug is stopping me from
finishing my work on a small database using ou intranet at work.

Thank you all!

Paul Washipabano