Append Query/Macro

Append Query/Macro

Post by bG92ZXNwYX » Sat, 27 Jan 2007 07:11:01

I have a transfer macro from an Excell spreadsheet in conjuction with an
append query so that daily data is appended to a table.
When I run the macros, one to transfer in the data to a temp table and one
to append the real table based on date, I get an error message that the macro
has failed. But it didn't, all my data is there, apended to the table. This
is a good thing but then I discovered 4 of my rows duplicated in the append.
These 4 records had a different destination and they were listed together and
then spread out within the other records. any thoughts? If I send this to
the worng group, please forward
Fairly confused

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Hi All

A database I created for a client some years ago has a macro which contains
an append query. This macro repeats itself until a condition is met and has
run thousands of times without any problem.

The client has asked that I make the database work for multiple factories.
Without going into too much detail the same macro and append query are needed
in the spin-off databases (one for each factory).

The problem is that the append query will not run in any of the spin-off
databases as part of the macro although the macro itself is unchanged, but
will run in isolation when it performs correctly and gives no error messages.
I have run the macro with SetWarnings ON, but only get the warnings that you
would normally expect.

I have pasted over the macro, the append query and the underlying select
queries from the original database, but to no effect.

Please has anyone any ideas on what is happening? I have spent nearly 2 days
on this without any success.

Many thanks in advance for any guidance offered.

Allan Ashford

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