what's wrong with REBOL?

what's wrong with REBOL?

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Source code is available for some parts of REBOL, under
some circumstances. Discussion of REBOL's proprietary,
closed-source nature has dominated this thread, though,
and that's appropriate.

REBOL has a few technical failings, as well. While I think
it's quite rare for anyone to decide against REBOL because
of these, there's real value in being specific, rather than
treating the language as a rather cloudy abstraction.

Unfortunately, I'm not a good candidate for the task. It's
been a couple years since I was current with REBOL. Among
the blemishes I believe the language (including its
libraries) still exhibits are:
* an inflexible concurrency model
* cumbersome interfaces to modules
coded in other languages (conse-
quence: embedding and extending
are impractical)
* arguable scalability, in the sense
of what appears to be skimpy sup-
port for team-written projects
* no /APACHE for convenient scripting
with the market-leading Web server
* near GUIlessness
* inconsistent functional-vs-object-
oriented semantics in aspects of
program evaluation

Conclusion: there's a lot to like about REBOL; it's not
perfect; its licensing, rather than technical factors,
dominates most use decisions.

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