ANN: compiler download

ANN: compiler download

Post by cr8819 » Mon, 23 Jul 2007 05:36:11

if anyone really gives a crap, I have made a version of my C compiler
available: :8080/

now, this depends on if anyone can successfully access my server (I have
other family members, who really like the bittorrent, and one, who refuses
to set a limiter, and then complains that with a 3Mb net connection he
usually only gets at most 200-250kB/s, FFS...).

not a lot of activity, I have doubt.

well, then, for other comment, I generally develop on mingw, so those are
the makefiles to consult for most things if needed. of course, getting any
of this *** to actually work or do anything useful, for the time being, is
an excersize for the reader (if there is much point I may clean some of this
stuff up or document it or something).

the point is to be a dynamic/in-memory compiler, aka, used mostly for
'scripting' (thus far have been having some success on this front).
in general, I am going off the C99 standard, along with my own experiences
and practices.
some features are still missing/incomplete/untested.
don't expect a whole lot at present outside windows and x86.

been testing mostly by using it for scripting a 3D engine of mine. using
this partly as a means to locate and fix bugs as well.

good enough.