Free IBasic Leaning Edition now available

Free IBasic Leaning Edition now available

Post by Pyxia Deve » Fri, 15 Apr 2005 06:06:20

The IBasic Learning Edition is now available as a freeware download.
IBasic LE features the same command set as our popular IBasic Standard
but has been redesigned specifically with the beginner in mind. IBasic
LE can only run programs from the IDE and is suited for an education

Programs created with IBasic LE are completely compatible with IBasic
Standard and can be transferred at any time.

Download from:

Paul Turley
Pyxia Development

Pyxia Development is the creator of easy to use languages including the
new IBasic Professional compiler. IBasic Professional creates Windows
executables, DLL's and is compatible with compilers that can create
standard Win32 COFF object files.