Coordination 2005: Grants

Coordination 2005: Grants

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Grant support for the participation to

7th International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages

Namur, Belgium,
20-23 April 2005



Modern information systems rely increasingly on combining concurrent,
distributed, mobile, reconfigurable and heterogenous components. New
models, architectures, languages, verification techniques are
necessary to cope with the complexity induced by the demands of
today's software development. Coordination languages have emerged as a
successful approach, in that they provide abstractions that cleanly
separate behavior from communication, therefore increasing modularity,
simplifying reasoning, and ultimately enhancing software development.

Building on the success of the previous editions, this conference
provides a well-established forum for the growing community of
researchers interested in models, languages, architectures, and
implementation techniques for coordination.


Thanks to the sponsoring of MicroSoft Research Europe, several grants
are offered in order to allow promising PhD students working on topics
related to coordination models and languages to attend the conference.
The grant will cover, on the basis of receipts, the registration to
the conference, hotel accommodation in Namur, and travel to/from

To apply for a grant, please

1) send an email to the conference chairs at


no later than April 6th 2005 with following information

- a 2-page position paper on your research stressing its relation
to the conference
- a CV including your affiliation, age, studies, diplomas, and
- a budget for your travel to/from Namur.

2) fax a letter of recommendation of your supervisor to

Prof. J.-M. Jacquet
Institute of Informatics
University of Namur
rue Grandgagnage 21
5000 Namur
Fax +32 81 72 49 67

1. Coordination 2005: Grants

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