Reminder: Scheme UK Meeting: 7 December 2005

Reminder: Scheme UK Meeting: 7 December 2005

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Scheme UK Meeting: 7 December 2005

The next meeting of the Scheme UK user's group will be held
on 7 December 2005 from 7pm till we leave for the
pub. The meeting will take place at the offices of LShift
(see ).
This meeting will be held in conjuction with UK Lispers.

Shriram Krishnamurthi: Verification and Change-Impact
Analysis of Access-Control Policies

Sensitive data are increasingly available on-line through
the Web and other distributed protocols. This heightens the
need to carefully control access to data. Control means not
only preventing the leakage of data but also permitting
access to necessary information. Indeed, the same datum is
often treated differently depending on context.

System designers create policies to express conditions on
the access to data. To reduce source clutter and improve
maintenance, developers increasingly use domain-specific,
declarative languages to express these policies. In turn,
administrators need to analyze policies relative to
properties, and to understand the effect of policy changes
even in the absence of properties.

This talk will discuss Margrave, a software suite for
analyzing role-based access-control policies. Margrave
includes a verifier that analyzes policies written in the
XACML language, translating them into a form of
decision-diagram to answer queries. It also provides
semantic differencing information between versions of
policies. Margrave is, of course, implemented in PLT Scheme.

(Joint work with Kathi Fisler, Leo A. Meyerovich and Michael
Carl Tschantz)


Scheme UK is a UK based group of people interested in the
Scheme programming language in particular, and advanced
programming languages in general. We are interested in
both practical and theoretic aspects. We meet on the
first Wednesday of each month. Newcomers are welcome.

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