Mumps Cache Creative SocioMedics programmer in Albany

Mumps Cache Creative SocioMedics programmer in Albany

Post by robin.mars » Fri, 03 Apr 2009 02:08:41

Palladian Consulting is seeking 4 Mumps Cache programmers for a
contract opportunity in Albany, NY to begin on June 22, 2009.

Must have the following mandatory experience,

1. Minimum of four years hands-on programming experience using MUMPS
(Mass. General Utility Multi-Programming System) excluding post relational Cache (i.e., Cache objects, etc. At least 6 months of
this experience must be since October 2007.

2. Programming experience using MUMPS (excluding post relational
Cache) to develop and implement Admission / Discharge / Release and /
or Financial Eligibility and Billing software in a health-care
delivery environment. Relevant experience should be in a mainframe,
midrange or client server environment.

Desirable skills:

3. Experience programming in an environment which uses Creative
SocioMedics (CSM) MUMPS software.

4. Experience working on a project team developing and implementing
complex projects in a mainframe / mid-range environment, in a
Healthcare setting.

5. Experience programming in MUMPS (excluding post relational Cache)
in a Digital / Compaq Open VMS environment

6. Experience working with and a strong understanding of the Federal
HIPAA regulations as well as NYS Medicaid electronic billing (eMedNY)

7. Effective communication skills, both verbal and written, including
both technical and user documentation and presentations or training

8. Programming experience using a recent version of Cache to develop

To be considered please contact,

Robin Marsh
Palladian Consulting