small business automation

small business automation

Post by Denver Bra » Sun, 30 May 2004 00:28:12

This sounds like a setup that would fit a lot of small businesses.

There are such things as Linux PDAs.

But that assumes a live connection.
If via Bluetooth or cellular modem, then you just use the web browser.
If the pocket PC has a database subset, as you suggest, that assumes an asynchronous connection.
(Any MUMPS with TCP capability should be able to use HTTP or talk to VB or Java front end.)

It would be nice to see MUMPS running on a Linux pocket PC.
Given the small amount of memory (2-128Mb) that such hardware usually has, I don't know
that any implementation exists.
(Of course, on a mini-computer, 64 Mb would be plenty.
I guess the web browser uses a lot of RAM.)

An all RAM database would be needed too.

It would be ideal to have the same business software work from the desktop PCs.
If it could be MUMPS and a web browser on both, that would be great.

The key to solving this problem seems to me to be how to browse and update the data
on the pocket PC.
If not MUMPS, then what?

I would probably try an HTML + JavaScript front end with a Java applet as back end to manage the local data subset.
This setup could work identically on a desktop except that the local data subset could retrieve and refresh instantly to the MUMPS server.

small business automation

Post by Denver Bra » Mon, 31 May 2004 01:26:33

That's the easy part.

That's the hard part.

Given that the PDA probably already has a web browser, that desktop PCs
have web browsers, and that browsers offer some platform-independence, I
think that can make the web browser a good choice for a GUI.

Using a browser also spares you from learning Windows' windows for GUI.

Having GT.M on the PDA means that you don't have to learn another language.


small business automation

Post by Steve Grah » Mon, 31 May 2004 03:10:55

That is kind of relative


Good point

Learning another language might be a tad easier than porting
GT.M to a PDA ;-)