Why there is a need of IFS and non-IFS LSP sockets?

Why there is a need of IFS and non-IFS LSP sockets?

Post by Voronkov K » Tue, 30 Sep 2003 17:56:08

Hello All!

It seems to me I do not understand what is the reason of having
2 types of LSP sockets IFS and non-IFS. Can you help me
to understand the need on non-IFS sockets? Non-IFS provides
smaller functionality and IFS can do all what non-IFS can.

What do I miss?

Best Regards,
Voronkov Konstantin

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hi Shane...sorry - the folders are the inbox, selected etc. & the values are
the numbers under each. i will try to make a better example...i see it didn't
translate well below.

what i am doing is pulling numbers from a database and exporting them into
an excel spreadsheet which is my raw data/source file. the database is
broken down by the folders in which the candidates sit...inbox; scheduled for
interview;selected...etc. Source info is set up as in the table below:

Inbox Intv Sel Hird
city st jc
atl ga 123 55 30 17 10

from that i am populating a summary sheet for my clients which are assigned
multiple locations (cities) and titles (job codes).

So i have a client that is assigned atlanta, ga for customer assistants
which is job code 123...and i need to retrieve the number of candidates in
each folder/category in a snapshot/summary and i want to do this for each
location/client/job code

i need a formula to go out into the raw data to find the city...then look
for a specified job code then populate the cell below each category (inbox,
intv, sel, hired) with the corresponding number of candidates in each of
these categories. so that i can summarize each of my clients locations.

does that make sense?

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