Error "Invalid BLOB handle in record buffer"

Error "Invalid BLOB handle in record buffer"

Post by inputstati » Sat, 01 May 2004 22:18:37

I got this common error message: "Invalid BLOB handle in record
buffer." This only occurs on

the client machines, and if it happens on one, it will happen on all.
THis has never happened

on the server. We have the following BDE settings, but nothing has

Sharedmemsize 16,384
Maxbufsize 8,192
Maxfilehandles 192
Minbufsize 512
Blobs to Cache 20000

BDE 5.1.1

Please help because the common fix is to increase the Blobs to Cache,
but it's currently at

20000 (same both in server and clients, but error only happend in
clients) There are like

100 records when I run this report.

Error "Invalid BLOB handle in record buffer"

Post by Blebo » Tue, 04 May 2004 18:17:26

"Tom" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > skrev i en meddelelse

Hi Tom,

Does the error occour when you traversing the table with the Database
Desktop? Just be holding the Arrow down key?

Try on of the following thing:

- Is the BlockSize okay? How big is the table?
- Try to copy the content of the table to a new table and test again.

I have solved a lot of problems with the BDE. Feel free to ask me if my
advice does not help you.