"Invalid Table Name" I need your held plz !!!

"Invalid Table Name" I need your held plz !!!

Post by mounir8 » Sun, 25 Dec 2005 02:41:16

Hi all:
Sorry for my poor english

I have some .bdf files
I placed a TTable object in a form, assigned Database property
to the files ( bdf ).
I choosed the TableName property from the pop up menu, and I change the
active property to "TRUE"
until now all is very well

but when I run a application I always come across the same message :
"Invalid Table Name"

Can anybody help me plz ??

I work with delphi 7

Thanks in advance

"Invalid Table Name" I need your held plz !!!

Post by DB-1 » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 19:53:44

Maybe you just have left the TTable Active at design time. And when you
run your app, the TTable does not have a valid, existing DBF-file as
Table Name at the beginning.

Better to leave all the design time TDatasets closed after the final
compilation, and then Open the TTables and TQueries at runtime, in your