Help with converting from BDE to Interbase

Help with converting from BDE to Interbase

Post by Aage Johan » Fri, 09 Jan 2004 17:04:11

PSun, 4 Jan 2004 21:13:33 +0200, skrev Me<< XXXX@XXXXX.COM >>:
>> It has been a while since I have asked a question here. I'm only an >> amateur >> Delphi programmer and still have a lot to learn so sorry for asking what >> might be stupid questions to some of you. I am busy converting a program >> in >> which I originally used the BDE to use Interbase instead. My questions;

Good move! Which components did you change to?

>> 1.. With BDE I used "DbiSaveChanges" to immediately save changes, what >> command can I use to do the same in Interbase?

There's no need.
But, you should use 'forced write', and see to it that you manage your
transactions properly.

>> 2.. I also used "bdeutils.PackTable" to permanently delete entries in >> the >> database , is there an equivalent command for Interbase?

There's no need.
If you really would like to 'compact' the database you need to do a backup
followed by a restore.

>> 3.. I used "setindex" to temporary sort a database into a different >> order >> for viewing, how can I temporary sort in Interbase?

With Client/Server db's you should not use TTable technology. Use
Queries, with an 'order by' clause when you want a sorted result set. In
general I would use indexes for SELECTING data, and avoid indexes for

>> 4.. Is there a way to import the data from a BDE database to an >> Interbase >> database without having to type it all in manually?

There are several datapumps available, I think. Maybe something is
provided with Delphi (I don't remember). You may find a lot of help here: "Downloads" pages. Most utilities
that work for Firebird should also work for Interbase.

Aage J.

Help with converting from BDE to Interbase

Post by pr » Sat, 10 Jan 2004 02:59:15


None, it is superfluous. Remove these statements.
Set "Forced Writes" in the IB configuration to true
and the DB will be updated as soon as you commit.


No, deleting an entry actually removes it form the DB when you commit.


CS databases have no inherent sort order. Sort when you get the data
from the DB using an 'order by' clause. You will have to close
and reopen the Query to change your ordering.
IB is clever enough to use an index when it is there and useful.


There is "DataPump". A bit difficult to get all the settings right,
but once you have figured that out it works very well.

And remove all the TTable business from IB. Once done, it will
make your life easier and your DB access many times faster.