master/detail cachedupdates

master/detail cachedupdates

Post by horstborsc » Thu, 29 Jun 2006 20:54:06

Hi all,
I'm trying to develop a Delphi 5 application
that accesses an oracle Database ( via DOAD components
(Version by Allround Automations).
These are the underlying tables in the database
and the corresponding components of the application:

1. table orders (master),
TOracleDataSet dsOrders
+ Tdatasource and a couple of dbedits to display the fields
2. table order_remarks (detail),
TOracleDataSet dsOrderRems(Master property=dsOrders)
+ Tdatasource and a couple of dbedits to display the fields
3. table positions (detail),
TOracleDataSet dsPositions(Master property=dsOrders)
+ Tdatasource and a dbgrid to display the detail fields
4. table gifts (detail),
TOracleDataSet dsGifts(Master property=dsOrders)
+ Tdatasource and another dbgrid to display the detail fields

(TOracleDataSet is derived from TDataSet)
There is 1 DBNavigator linked to the master dataset that should
handle updates/deletes/cancels of all 4 datasets (i assumed this to
as a result of the master/detail relation of the datasets).

For each record in the orders table(master) there should be
exactly 1 record in the order_remarks table
and at least 1 (possilby more) record(s) in the positions table
plus possibly one or more record(s) in the gifts table.

basically what i want to do is to have the user insert/update one
complete order
with all its details and force him to save or cancel the updates before
the current (or inserting a new) master dataset.
Before applying the updates to the database i want to check for valid
in all fields and in case of errors or missing values abort the
complete transaction.
(i.e. if one of the detail datasets still has errors, nothing should be
to the database,but the current record should remain in the Form to
allow the user
to make corrections.)
My problem is that i am not really sure if and how to use cachedupdates
for this.
about cachedupdates and master/detail relations...
But as i am relatively new to Delphi i am a bit puzzled about if all
this applies
to my situation...
My Questions:
- do i have to use cachedupdates at all for this and if so,
for which one of the datasets?
(Note that i don't want the user to be able to apply more than one
master record
in one transaction)
- where/how should i perform the checks for valid entries?

Also it would be great if anyboby could point me to an example/tutorial

of how to generally design master/detail forms that handle cached
for Delphi client/server.

Thanks in advance

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