HPUX Poplog V15.53 now at Bham - also V15.53d needed recompiling

HPUX Poplog V15.53 now at Bham - also V15.53d needed recompiling

Post by A.Sloma » Mon, 17 Nov 2003 22:46:47

aldek wrote:



Very many thanks!

I have copied the complete contents of this to

and I have put additional information about it into

(which now has a NEWS section at the top.)

[I assume this will be mirrored at www.poplog.org but I am not sure
the mirror software is working: some things there are still out of

I untarred your complete package, added various recent updates and
then rebuilt it as
12822075 bytes Nov 16 13:20

NB: this is not yet a usable system as the changed source files will
have to be recompiled, and the system relinked, as explained below.

I suspect that $popsrc/aarith.s may need changing, after the label
array_sub_error, following the change made to the PC+linux version
(though I am not sure)

Here's the revision note for the PC version:
| /* --- Revision History ---------------------------------------------------
| --- Aaron Sloman, Jan 7 2003
| Replaced
| call XC_LAB(weakref Sys$-Array$-Sub_error)
| with
| jmp XC_LAB(weakref Sys$-Array$-Sub_error)
| as suggested by
| XXXX@XXXXX.COM (Waldek Hebisch)
| following error report by
| both posted to comp.lang.pop

In the HP version of aarith.s there's the line
CALLSYS XC_LAB(weakref Sys$-Array$-Sub_error)
addi -4, %usp, %usp ;;; reveal the last index again

Should it be some sort of jump instruction instead of call?

(A change like this also needs to go into windows poplog aarith.s but I
can't do that, as I can't rebuild windows poplog, and I don't know if
the syntax is the same as for pc+linux assembler. The bug was not
there in solaris poplog.)

Things added to the new package for hp-poplog :

Waldek's suggested changes concerning several months ago errno,
in $popexternlib and $popsrc

More recent fixes, including David Young's compiler bugfix
in $popsrc, and some changes I made, including increasing the
default value for popmemlim from 300000 to 1500000

All the changed files in $popsrc and $popexternlib have old versions
with .orig suffixes.

(They come from here:
http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/research/poplog/src/new/v15.53dpatch/ )

A minor change in $usepop/pop/ved/src/vdwindows.p which does not
require recompiling. It merely added a declaration.

Latest version of objectclass in $usepop/pop/lib/objectclass
As in

New stuff for Ved and XVed to provide more consistent and useful
keybindings, as in

and some older stuff for Ved on linux console on PC, for

Directory renamed as v15.53d

Some extra things in the top-level directory: a man/ and a bin/
subdirectory, userguide.html and INSTALL/ directory copied from
the latest pclinux version, But I don't know if the scripts in
there for relinking and rebuilding poplog will work (after the
sources have been recompiled and archived).
Also some empty fi