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Post by mpatton215 » Tue, 30 Nov 2004 15:56:03

Here is the link to the web hosting company that I use for my 3 sites.

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2. recommendations for website hosting vendors

Hello, and happy new year to all.

We have a few customers hosting their public websites on their SBS2000
servers. At first, there was a "cool" factor that they "could" host their
own website. Then they also realized they could save a little money - by
eliminating the need to pay an outside vendor $100+ per month.

But IMHO, the Internet has become too dangerous of a place for them to be
hosting a live website on their own SBS2000 server. I now think it is too
big of a risk to allow HTTP through the firewall. There are just too many
security holes to deal with, too many patches to apply, too many things to
configure, and too many things that can/will go wrong. Plus, the price of
website hosting has significantly dropped. I am afraid that sometime soon,
one of them will be hacked, and then will come back tome and ask why I
didn't prevent it.

So, I am looking for recommendations for companies that do website hosting.
Most of the people use FrontPage for development, so the company will have
to support Front Page Server Extensions. They will not be willing to pay
$100+ per month, buy they may be willing to spend $20-$30 per month. I
would also like to select a company that has telephone-based support when I
need some help. I have run into a few companies that only seem to offer
email support, and their is no way to get a hold of someone when you need

So, anyone have any companies they would recommend?


Lloyd Wolf
Wolf Consulting, Inc.

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