Py is Dead! Long live Py!

Py is Dead! Long live Py!

Post by brya » Fri, 26 Sep 2003 07:19:28

Like the mythic Phoenix, Py, the independent technical zine for Python
developers, is flaming out to re-emerge more spectacular than before.

beehive KG ( ) will be a taking over the
publishing responsibilities for upcoming issues of Py. beehive is
committed to Py and Python, they currently publish the popular ZopeMag
( Welcome them with open arms, they're going to do a
great job.

I know I certainly couldn't be more happy. Py was a labor of love --
more labor than love really -- and it's good to know that it is in
such capable hands. I suspect the online format and larger issues will
be a great improvement and will allow Py to reach a wider audience.

A migration FAQ will be posted shortly at

Thanks to everyone for everything.

And we fade out to the forced context of a Dylan song,

Was it me that shot him down in the cantina
Was it my hand that held the gun?
Come, let us fly, my Magdalena
The dogs are barking and what's done is done. [1]

Be well,

Bryan Richard
Founder, Py

[1] Romance in Durango