python-dev Summary for 2005-01-01 through 2005-01-15

python-dev Summary for 2005-01-01 through 2005-01-15

Post by Brett » Wed, 09 Feb 2005 08:35:45

his is a summary of traffic on the `python-dev mailing list`_ from January 01,
2005 through January 15, 2005. It is intended to inform the wider Python
community of on-going developments on the list. To comment on anything
mentioned here, just post to `comp.lang.python`_ (or email
XXXX@XXXXX.COM which is a gateway to the newsgroup) with a subject line
mentioning what you are discussing. All python-dev members are interested in
seeing ideas discussed by the community, so don't hesitate to take a stance on
something. And if all of this really interests you then get involved and join

This is the fifty-sixth summary written by Brett Cannon (I don't want to do my

To contact me, please send email to brett at ; I do not have the
time to keep up on comp.lang.python and thus do not always catch follow-ups
posted there.

All summaries are archived at .

Please note that this summary is written using reStructuredText_ which can be
found at . Any unfamiliar punctuation is
probably markup for reST_ (otherwise it is probably regular expression syntax
or a typo =); you can safely ignore it, although I suggest learning reST; it's
simple and is accepted for `PEP markup`_ and gives some perks for the HTML
output. Also, because of the wonders of programs that like to reformat text, I
cannot guarantee you will be able to run the text version of this summary
through Docutils_ as-is unless it is from the `original text file`_.

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The in-development version of the documentation for Python can be found at and should be used when looking up any
documentation on new code; otherwise use the current documentation as found at . PEPs (Python Enhancement Proposals) are located at . To view files in the Python CVS online, go to . Reported bugs and
suggested patches can be found at the SourceForge_ project page.

The `Python Software Foundation`_ is the non-profit organization that holds the
intellectual property for Python. It also tries to forward the development and
use of Python. But the PSF_ cannot do this without donations. You can make a
donation at . Every penny helps so even a
small donation (you can donate through PayPal or by check) helps.

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Summary Announcements
PyCon_ will be upon us come late March! Still time to plan to go.

A warning on the thoroughness off this summary is in order. While trying to
delete a single thread of email I managed to accidentally delete my entire