pywinauto 0.2.0 released (refactoring galore)

pywinauto 0.2.0 released (refactoring galore)

Post by Mark Mc Ma » Wed, 08 Feb 2006 09:30:28


The 0.2.0 release of pywinauto is now available.

pywinauto is a set of open-source (LGPL) modules for using Python as a GUI
automation 'driver' for Windows NT based Operating Systems (NT/W2K/XP).

SourceForge project page:

Download from SourceForge
(documentation is now included in the zip)

Here is the list of changes:
0.2.0 - Significant refactoring

0.2.0 Significant refactoring

* Changed how windows are searched for (from application)
This chage should not be a significant change for users

* Started adding unit tests (and the have already uncovered bugs
that been fixed). They also point to areas of missing functionality
that will be addded with future updates

* Changed from property access to Control attributes to function access
If your code was accessing properties of controls then this might be a
significant change! The main reasons for doing this were due to the
inheritability of properties (or lack there-of!) and the additional
scafolding that was required to define them all.

* Updated the ``DialogWrapper.MenuSelect()`` method to notify the parent
that it needs to initialize the menu's before it retrieves the items

* Added functionality to associate 'non-text' controls with the 'text'
control closest to them. This allows controls to be referenced by::


e.g. to reference the "Footer" edit control in the Page Setup dialog
you could use::


* Added a MoveWindow method to HwndWrapper

* Did some more cleanup (fixing pylint warnings) but still not finished

* Added some better support for .NET controls (not to be considered final)

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Mark Mc Mahon
Manchester, NH 03110, USA

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Simple Windows GUI automation with Python. (06-Feb-06)