Rexx2Nrx release 5.00::== IBM Object Rexx ==> Netrexx and Java

Rexx2Nrx release 5.00::== IBM Object Rexx ==> Netrexx and Java

Post by Thomas.Sch » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 00:19:56

Hello there,

I am now working on the first release of my attempt to translate
'classic Rexx' and "IBM's Object Rexx" to Mike Cowlishaw's NetRexx and
SUN's Java.

Whilst I do believe I do know 'classic REXX' quite well, I did
never use
'Object Rexx' too heavily (except for CMS IBM REXX compatible Object
Rexx scripts).

Nevertheless, I did now improve my NetRexx, REXX and JAVA knowledge
a bit,
and as far as I see 'Rexx2Nrx' seems to work quite well. No bug
reports (or no usage at all?? since release 4.00 January 1, 2003).

As Rony said: NO NEWS are GOOD news (hopefully).

Now, implementing Object-Rexx to NetRexx translation seems to be a
not-trivial effort. Whilst I do believe I am on the right way with my
'own' REXX parser,
REXX Code Analyser and REXX to NetRexx Translator, I will need your
help on this issue, as follows:

1.) Test-Cases:

When you do have a more complex Object REXX application, could you
mail the ZIPPED source for quality assurance tests, please ? I do
promise I will have no look at your code at all, I only want to
'derive' what are the most frequently used OBJECT-REXX 'classes' and
'methods' in your usage of 'Object Rexx'.

2.) Quality assurance TEST users group:

Are you interested ro participate? You will be more than welcome.
I do believe we can start the first tests at 11.8.2003.

3.) IMPLEMENTATION of still missing RUN-TIME Routines;

Any and all volunteers to get those running are more than welcome.

Put an entry here under this topc what Run-Time routines you could
provide (in REXX, when possible, in other languages, when appropriate)
of one of the many methods available in Object-Rexx.

The schedule for releasing Object Rexx to NetRexx (Rexx2Nrx release
5.00) is as follows:

- pre-release RexxForm: a 'REXX Parser and Formatter' until 31.August

- get test-cases -- until 31.August 2003.

- finalize Object REXX parser (based on manuals and Test-Cases
provided so fa) as soon as possible (first pre-relase 31.08.2003).

- initial 'trial' release in the next 2 months.

- implement missing run-time Routines until end of this year (2003).

Final release of Rexx2Nrx 5.00 should be end of this year (2003).

Any help (and/or financing), of this quite complex project, will be
welcome, of course.

When desired, I am willing to publish my source code when desired.

kind regards from currently sunny Vienna, Austria,
Tom. (

Rexx2Nrx release 5.00::== IBM Object Rexx ==> Netrexx and Java

Post by Michae » Sun, 29 Jun 2003 01:30:59

I recently used you Rexx2Nrx for some simple rexx programs and I am very
happy with it!
I simply can't 'get' all this Java stuff, but still like to use it to run
programs, so your converter works great for me.

Thanks for putting it out there!!! so at least there is one happy user...


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