Reginald User Forum Oddities

Reginald User Forum Oddities

Post by Three Left » Sun, 16 Mar 2008 14:20:49

I have been trying to use the Reginald user forum from the links
provided at ~jglatt/rexx/rexxuser.htm


They take me to
slow, this site seems to mess with my IE settings. The navigation
toolbar at the top of the screen is replaced with a very tiny troolbar
that is missing the back & forward buttons.

Is this site having problems right now or is it always like this?

Reginald User Forum Oddities

Post by Jeremy Nic » Sun, 16 Mar 2008 18:23:41

My early attempts to use the site were like yours, but I found that on some
days it was adequately fast. I also found (and unfortunately I can't
remember the details) that I was doing something "wrong" at first, and when
I did things differently, it worked ok.

I use IE7 without difficulty.

I went and looked at your post of this question. It took about 3 seconds to
find it and read it. On the other hand I also tried to read another thread
and that took a bit long, so I left it fetching and came back and wrote a
bit more of this.

I did suggest to Jeff a while ago that moving the whole thing to, say, might be an improvement. But he said that the forum was run
for him by someone, for nothing, and it worked ok, and he didn't want to
change it, which is fair enough.

Doesn't happen for me. The standard IE "<" and ">" buttons I see at the top
left corner of every IE screen are there here too. Do you means something

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