Contributions Requested for ooRexx Patterns Doc

Contributions Requested for ooRexx Patterns Doc

Post by David Ashl » Sun, 05 Jun 2005 00:45:21

I have started work on a new document for the ooRexx Project. The title
is Open Object Rexx: Patterns. It will be a collection of commonly used
patterns written in Object Rexx. There will be sections on specific
environments like Windows, Linux, etc as well as general patterns such
as sorting, TCP/IP networking, etc.

Patterns are basically code/functions which are used again and again in
projects or solve a basic problem. They can be specific to a particular
environment or generic in nature. If you have ooRexx code you typically
use again and again, that probably qualifies as a pattern.

I invite everyone to contribute to the creation of the document. The
only terms and restrictions are as follows:

1. You must be willing to contribute the code under the Common Public
2. You must be the author or you must have permission from the author to
make the contribution.
3. You must explicitly state your acceptance of these terms and

I will be responsible for organizing the document and making it look
acceptable. I will need a little documentation writeup for each
contribution stating the basics on how to use it.

I would prefer that the patterns you submit use the object-oriented
features of Object Rexx wherever possible, but I will not turn down any
good solution/pattern.

Please submit your contributions directly to me. Be sure to include your
acceptance of the terms and conditions stated above. When I have enough
to put together a prototype document I will make it available via the
ooRexx SourceForge web site.

W. David Ashley
Open Object Rexx Team

Contributions Requested for ooRexx Patterns Doc

Post by ths » Thu, 09 Jun 2005 07:22:32

Hello David,
I am about to POST my TOKENIZING Routines to the &
OORexx community.

Those are similiar to the PARSE action in REXX, but do anticipate for
ubiquitous DELIMITERS following the TOKEN in question.

We are just finishing those routines for such different languages

Let me know where to post it thru, please ...