IBM ORexx for Windows Demo Package - Request for Help

IBM ORexx for Windows Demo Package - Request for Help

Post by bfis » Tue, 16 Sep 2003 16:10:02

I am evaluating the ORexx for Windows package distributed by IBM. I
am having a problem with some of the dialogue windows getting

For example, when I execute the "TimedMessage" class, I can get the
message window to post, but the bottom half of the letters of the pop
up window cannot be read.

For example:

dlg = .TimedMessage~new("your message here","ALPHA",3000)

I am using Windows 2000. I have already replaced the riched32.dll to
get the workbench to display properly. Is there another dll that
needs to be updated from the standard distribution that IBM is


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2. IBM RS/6000 7248-06-02902 Help Requested!

Earlier today I picked up a very nice RS/6000 setup at a local church
yard sale, complete with IBM P50 monitor, keyboard, and mouse, as well
as an IBM 3151 terminal and keyboard, and a bunch of statistical
multiplexers for only $35! When I got it home, I hooked everything up
and booted it, and it eventually got to an AIX v4 login screen. I
tried a couple things, but nothing worked, not supprisingly. I went
back to the yard sale and talked to the guy who brought it, but he
couldn't remember any login info either. The number at the front panel
(under where the drives are) is 7248-06-02902, so I assume thats the
model number or something...

What I figured I'd like to do is just get some new AIX v4 CDs
(downloading ISOs to burn is preferred) and just wipe the system and
start over new. I'd also like to check the specs of it, so is there a
key combo I can do to get into the BIOS and see what CPU speed/RAM/
whatever it has? This is my first ever non-thinkpad IBM; I don't know
*anything* about PS/2s or RS/6000s so any and all help is appreciated!

I took a picture of the setup, its here - :8888/images/IBM-RS6000.png
(a high-res version is here - :8888/images/RS6000.JPG



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