IBM RedBook for DB2 8.1 includes Object Rexx WSH Examples...

IBM RedBook for DB2 8.1 includes Object Rexx WSH Examples...

Post by Michael Lu » Tue, 24 Feb 2004 11:32:32

It's been ranted a few times that the Rexx support in DB2 is not perfect, but in the PDF above Rexx shines a bit... suggested as a development language for WSH, and then examples of straight up Object
Rexx to do backups. All use the much grubmled about Rexx DLL over to DB2 which IBM still provides in DB2 8.1

Long Live Rexx!

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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I'm trying to convert the build process for our product's interface to Rexx
from using the IBM version of Object Rexx to using Open Object Rexx. Our
code works fine on Windows, but I'm having trouble on Linux.

I downloaded the ooRexx-4.0.1.i586.suse10.rpm from and
adjusted our build to use the oorexx directories. The build works find, but
when the code calls RexxStart, it hits a segmentation fault and the process

I've triple checked all the arguments and I can't find anything wrong.

Is there some trick to using the Open Object Rexx version of RexxStart on

BTW Our code uses dlopen and dlsym to dynamically load the and
locate RexxStart.

Thank you.

David Liebtag
IBM APL Products and Services

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