NetRexx Activities

NetRexx Activities

Post by ths » Sun, 12 Dec 2004 13:56:44

Hello Steve & al,

I am VERY sorry for my late response to this topic, but I am have
been bothered by a VIRUS attack and a damned damished KEYBOARD the
same time - in a single week.. NO chance to reach the internet for 8
days ...

Now, I am back on AIR again..

To answer your questions, Steve,

1.) A LOT of people around the world are USING NetRexx, including Rene
Jansen from the Netherlands, Satguru Srivastava in India, etc, etc,
and myself.

2.) IBM Intentions :: DON't know, but would be VERY interested for the
current answers from 'BIG BROTHER'

3.) As many of you DO know already, I am working on Rexx2Nrx release
5.00 since a (couple (2) years) to support Object Rexx to NetRexx and
Java Translation .... Still a LOT of open issues, but slow overall
progress ...

4.) Combining the power of NetRexx and Java is, from my point of view,
a very superior DESIGN. Thanks Mike, ...

5.) Any and all efforts to combine the power of Rexx, Object Rexx, and
also NetRexx should be supported (by big brother IBM, I DO believe

Finally, I did use classic REXX to write all of my COBOL preprocessors
the past 7 years, and did use Rexx2Nrx in turn (see
to port them from IBM CMS compiled Rexx to Java (successfully ...)

kind regards from dark Vienna,


1. java/74694: NetRexx port in wrong main category, main website has

2. ports/74694: java/netrexx port in wrong main category, main

Old Synopsis: NetRexx port in wrong main category, main website has moved
New Synopsis: java/netrexx port in wrong main category, main website has moved

Responsible-Changed-From-To: freebsd-java->freebsd-ports-bugs
Responsible-Changed-By: linimon
Responsible-Changed-When: Sun Dec 5 04:04:34 GMT 2004
Although this port is in the 'java' category of ports, it's still a port,
and thus the appropriate place for it is in 'ports'. The GNATS 'java'
category is reserved for things like JVM problems.

Also, it's helpful when filing PRs to include the exact portname in
the Synopsis and also to Cc: the maintainer (GNATS does not know how
to do the latter).
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