DLTK support in new Eclipse (v. 3.3 - "Europa")

DLTK support in new Eclipse (v. 3.3 - "Europa")

Post by Wes Gambl » Thu, 19 Jul 2007 07:37:33

Has anyone looked at the new IDE support in Eclipse for Ruby (via their
new Dynamic Language Toolkit - DLTK) as opposed to RDT?


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My apologies in advance if this is the incorrect group to post this
question to. If it is please point me in the right direction.

I'm developing an Eclipse 3.3 targeted RCP and am using the P4WSAD
plugin. A class (DepotViewFile) from P4WSAD implements the
org.eclipse.ui.IContributorResourceAdapter interface and when I try to
use this class in my code I get an unresolved error. When I try to
import org.eclipse.ui.IContributorResourceAdapter I get a similar
error about the import not being resolved.

Looking through org.eclipse.ui.workbench_3.3.1.M20070921-1200.jar I
see that indeed the org.eclipse.ui package contains no
IContributorResourceAdapter interface despite it being listed in the
3.3 docs.

I have updated everything in Eclipse, and still have no success. Does
anyone have any ideas on this?

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