Getting Events out of a non visual ActiveX control - am I doing it right?

Getting Events out of a non visual ActiveX control - am I doing it right?

Post by Tim » Wed, 21 Mar 2007 00:59:59

Hi guys,

I'm quite new to the ActiveX side of Dolphin. I've played around with generating
wrappers etc, and have seen things working quite well. Recently I tried out
a reporting control (which is suprisingly non visual - but thats another

Anyway, I generated wrappers for the control and everything worked fine,
I could loop through my data and send report lines to the activeX control
and it would generate a report window for me. Cool!

However, there is a bit of the control that can generate events for the page
footer and header and this is where I got a bit unstuck.

In VB they give the example:

Option Explicit
Private WithEvents m_objReport As Report

Private Sub m_objReport_PrintFooter()

' Handle change event here.
End Sub

And so for my control I tried lots of permutations (different event names
with and without _ etc, using a name mentioned inside the instance of the
report object - _Report) of:

myReport when: #m_objReport_PrintFooter send: #footer to: self

I couldn't get any of it to work, it just did nothing. Browsing around here
I hit on the some code talking about AXEventSink. From what I can gather
it seemed like I didn't get any Event Sink stuff generated (myabe because
the control is non visual?).

Anyway I found other code using AXEventSink and implemented the following
methods - but am wondering if I have done this the correct way (this is mostely
a direct copy from AXEventSink)? Basically in my #initialize I connect up
a sink, and in my #free I disonnect the sink. I now seem to be able to use
#PrintFooter as an event name (and adding it to the #publishedEventsOfInstances
method makes it easy for me to remember the event names).

Does this seem like the correct and safe approach - or are there any other
little details I have to think about?


"Private - Wire up an <AXEventSink> to the control's default event interface,
and set it up to trigger
events off the receiver's presenter when they arrive from the control."

| tiSink unk |
sink := nil.
unk := self reportControl.

tiSink := (unk coclassTypeInfoIfNone: [])
ifNotNil: [:coclass | coclass defaultSourceInterface].
tiSink isNil ifTrue: [^self].

sink := AXEventSink target: self sourceTypeInfo: tiSink.
isTracingEnabled: false;
connect: unk

"Private - Disconnect the event sink (if any)."

sink isNil ifTrue: [^self].
sink disconnect.
sink := nil

super free.
self disconnectSink

... (initialisation stuff in here)
self connectSink.

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