whither sent mail?

whither sent mail?

Post by wallsb » Sat, 01 Sep 2007 08:23:53

I have an IMAP mailbox set up to an Exchange server.

Sending e-mail requires authentication with different credentials than
receiving mail, so I have a separate account set up just for sending,
and use it as the SMTP Relay Personality.

In Composing Mail, I have "Keep copies of outgoing mail" checked.

When I send an item, I can see it queued in the Out box. Then it gets
a check beside it. Then it completely disappears from the face of the

It should be going into "Sent Items" on the server, right? I can't see
any content in that box from Eudora. From Apple Mail, I do see
messages, but not anything I've sent recently from Eudora.

I tried quitting Eudora and throwing away the Sent Items box (index
and content) in ~/Eudora Folder/IMAP Folder/< *** >/ and resyncing,
but no joy.

Any ideas?

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I've had my new Gateway for approximately 3 months. The first problem I
encountered with Windows Mail was it kept mail in just about all the folders,
but wouldn't let me delete them, or move them to the delete folder. Thanks
to some postings, I have been able to take care of this problem. However,
now I can't send any email out. The server connects and looks as though it
sends the mail, the mail goes to the sent folder, but no one is receiving
mail from me. There is no error message. I am able to receive all email.
To my knowledge, I have disabled scanning of all email within McAfee.

Any ideas?


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