Urgent help with application verifier please!

Urgent help with application verifier please!

Post by THVje » Wed, 14 Jan 2009 00:13:00

I am using the 64bit edition of app verifier (Title of application reads
'Application Verifier 4.0 (x64)' and this is found in the system32 directory)
with my 64 bit edition of my application on windows server 2003 x64. When I
come to install my application, a log is created with no errors or warnings
but the application doesn't do anything. When I attach it to a de *** I get
the following output again with a log with no errors or warning and the
application still does not install:

'setup.exe': Loaded '\\Dmsserversp1\SAFEagent Builds\\SAFEagent
(SAG_XXXXXXX)\CONTENTS\setup.exe', No symbols loaded.
AVRF: setup.exe: pid 0x11B8: flags 0x80000000: application verifier enabled
AVRF: failed to initialize verifier logging (C000003A).
AVRF: verifier.dll provider initialized for setup.exe with flags 0x80000000
The program '[4536] setup.exe: Native' has exited with code -1073741823

If I install my application with the 32bit version of application verifier a
log is created with no errors or warnings and my application installs! But
now as I test my application I get no more logs.

Can I carry on testing my 64bit application with the 32bit application
verifier? And do I mark my tests as passed as no logs are created?

I need to finish my testing by 14/01/2009 (2 days time) so I will presume
the above until I am corrected.

Thank you for your time.

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