Is it possible to intercept or monitor IEEE1394 (or USB) commands

Is it possible to intercept or monitor IEEE1394 (or USB) commands

Post by bXIudi » Thu, 03 Aug 2006 12:54:01

Hi all--

I had a bit of a question. We have this microscope and a camera that
communicates with a windows PC via firewire. In essence, I was wondering, is
there a way to write a monitoring program to figure out what commands were
being sent by the software to the camera/microscope via firewire so that I
can control the camera and microscope?
I was wondering if anyone knows if such a thing is possible? If so, where
might I find some sample code to study (even if it's for USB...maybe I can
apply it)?

I can think of two possible solutions, but I'm not sure of the ability of
either. The first is run the program on top of my program that would study
the events generated (is this possible? any place to look?) and the second is
monitor the IEEE1394 driver to see what commands are going over it (is this

Just fyi the problem is that the software really sucks for it. It keeps
crashing and has a lot of functionality that we don't need. The company won't
support the software, they want to charge us $55,000 for the new software and
camera, and the university won't mitigate. I basically only need to tell the
microscope when to open the UV shutter and close it, and download the data
coming off the camera stream. But, of course, as most things go...this is
easier said than done.

Thanks for the help!

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