Is there a 'Control language' within XP. I want to read a text

Is there a 'Control language' within XP. I want to read a text

Post by c3RldmV3MT » Thu, 16 Nov 2006 23:57:01

That was a reall help and much appreciated. Thank you William

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2. how do u invoke Tag b's Tag Handler from within Tag a's tag Handler?

i want to have a custom tag to render tabs onto the screen. this tag
will have custom tags nested inside it which are the tabs that have to
be rendered and the tab content for each tab.

<myTab: Tab title="Tab1">
<jsp:include "Tab1_Content.jsp/>
</myTab: Tab>

<myTab: Tab title="Tab2">
<jsp:include "Tab2_Content.jsp/>
</myTab: Tab>

<myTab: Tab title="Tab3">
<jsp:include "Tab3_Content.jsp/>
</myTab: Tab>
</myTab: Tabs>

how can a tag Handler invoke the Tag handler of another tag?
Thanks in advance.

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