pine ignoring mail-subdirectory in .imaprc?

pine ignoring mail-subdirectory in .imaprc?

Post by wkearney9 » Sun, 06 Nov 2005 08:40:01

I'm a little puzzled at how pine (v4.63) deals with a ~/.imaprc file.

I've set /etc/ to contain the lines:
I accept the risk
set allow-user-config 1

I then created a ~/.imaprc file with
I accept the risk
set mail-subdirectory mail

I thus expected pine to make use of the ~/mail folder but it's not. It's
creating another folder inside ~/mail for it. As in, the user home
directory is /home/username and, by default, mail folders have been created
at /home/username/mail. This is fine. Pine, out of the box, finds it and
uses it properly. But mailutil does not. In order for mailutil to
successfully transfer from this server I've found it needs to have the
'mail-subdirectory' value set (to keep it from walking the entire ~ tree).

And in testing it a bit further, if I rename the ~/mail directory to
*anything* other than mail it works as expected. That is, mailutil and pine
both find it properly. It would appear pine is somehow treating this ~/mail
directory differently that one might expect.

To demonstrate the situation, setup and .imaprc as above. Try
using pine and then look at the folders. None appear. If you send a
message pine creates a new mail subdirectory and sent-mail folder (at
~/mail/mail/sent-mail). Now, rename ~/mail to something else (I used 'mm')
and also change the mail-subdirectory value in the .imaprc to match. Pine
now properly sees the folder and it's contents; as does mailutil for doing

So how do I rejigger pine to accept using the "mail" directory? What's
pine doing here to circumvent the .imaprc directive? Is this a bug in pine?

-Bill Kearney