virtual domains with postfix and cyrus - mail gets delivered to default domain

virtual domains with postfix and cyrus - mail gets delivered to default domain

Post by Pete Phill » Fri, 20 May 2005 08:17:27

I am trying to set up a virtual domain now that my postfix/cyrus setup
is working (many thanks to the guys on this group by the way). It is a
blackbox setup with no unix accounts. Not sure if this is a postfix or
imap question. Big dent in the wall where I've been banging my head all

My problem is that email to XXXX@XXXXX.COM gets delivered to
XXXX@XXXXX.COM (the default domain for the system).

I'm running on SuSE enterprise 9.

virtual_transport = cyrus
#virtual_transport = virtual
virtual_mailbox_domains = virtual.dom
virtual_mailbox_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/vdomains

(I have tried a number of virtual_transport lines)


virtdomains: userid
defaultdomain: my.real.domain

The system appears to strip off the virtual.dom domain and send it
locally so it gets delivered via Cyrus IMAP to XXXX@XXXXX.COM .

The postfix mail log shows it coming in and accepting it for, but then it goes and deivers it as if it was an email for
the default domain.

I am also getting the following error:

May 19 00:00:20 ktinga postfix/virtual[8165]: fatal: bad string length 0
< 1: virtual_mailbox_base =
May 19 00:00:21 ktinga postfix/master[5127]: warning: process
/usr/lib/postfix/virtual pid 8165 exit status 1
May 19 00:00:21 ktinga postfix/master[5127]: warning:
/usr/lib/postfix/virtual: bad command startup -- throttling

I assumed that because I am handing the mail off to cyrus, there would
be no need for a 'virtual_mailbox_base' setting ?

I have tried putting

XXXX@XXXXX.COM pete\\\@virtual.dom

as I read on one site that this can 'trick' imap into receiving it for
the virtual.dom.

The virtual.dom account appears to be sound - I can log into it, copy
mails into it etc

The directory:

Any thoughts on what I need to do do make postfix hand off to imap and
stick it in /var/spool/imap/domain/virtual.dom/user/pete/ would be much

Thanks guys.

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I'm new to this area and have read the (often contradictory) manuals,
but I have this one issue that I cannot resolve.

Using mandrake 9.2, postfix 2.0.13, cyrus-imap and cyrus-sasl 2.1.15,
fetchmail 6.2.4-1.

I'm just trying to convert my mail to an imap server so I can access
it remotely. Cyrus is set up fine, I can log in and see the folders I
created, but no mail ever appears. There are several contradictory
howtos about this, changing settings in and, and
I've tried them all and some combinations of them. :)

Is my problem that fetchmail is actually getting the mail? All this
worked fine when I just used evolution to read from the mail spool so
up to that point it should still be good, but no new mail appears in
the spool. (I did try uw-imapd and found that the mail was never
removed from the spool, so maybe that screwed something up? It's got
the right owner and 660 permissions.)

I honestly don't care what mail format I end up with, since I have to
convert many thousands of messages from MH format anyway. If anyone
can suggest how to make fetchmail/postfix actually hand the messages
off to cyrus, or for that matter how to make uw-imap actually take the
mail off the spool when it's read it, I think I can do all the rest.

Thanks for any assistance,


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