Cyrus & RH 9

Cyrus & RH 9

Post by hoskuldu » Tue, 19 Aug 2003 19:51:18

I've been using UW IMAP on Red Hat 9 and recently it has started
acting very strangely, i.e. lockfiles not getting cleaned up when
users log in over POP3. However, POP3S works without a problem (so
I'm probably going to throw UW IMAP away next weekend and install
Cyrus. I would very much like to hear what sort of experience people
out there have had installing Cyrus on a RH 9 system, especially if
there were any problems and how people got around them. Anyone else
migrate from UW IMAP to Cyrus?


Cyrus & RH 9

Post by Mark Crisp » Wed, 20 Aug 2003 02:49:30

Is the POP3 server the UW ipop3d server?

Are the IMAP and POP3 servers from the same build? RH made changes which
cause non-interoperability between different builds. Make sure that both
the IMAP and POP3 servers come from the same build, or use vanilla UW
distribution instead of RH's hacked version.

Suggest that you read "Managing IMAP", by Dianna Mullet & Kevin Mullet,
published by O'Reilly, ISBN 0-596-00012-X, before doing this step.

It gives a good comparison of the UW and Cyrus servers. The target user
communities for the two have very little overlap. Cyrus is good if you
have a standalone server with no need to use or interoperate with legacy
UNIX tools.

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