Cyrus IMAP, Sendmail, Procmail, Sieve, SpamAssassin OH MY!

Cyrus IMAP, Sendmail, Procmail, Sieve, SpamAssassin OH MY!

Post by Tilman Sch » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 04:57:45

I don't think that will be possible.
Did you consider using a milter setup?
I am using amavis and I am quite satisfied with it.

Yes, that's possible. But the users who want to use procmail have to
be created as system users because procmail needs a home directory. So
you lose what is, for me, one of the biggest advantages of Cyrus IMAP:
the ability to create mail users without giving them a system account.

Anyway, if you want to go that way, the key is to have procmail
deliver the mail to the Cyrus "deliver" program. As an example, here
is a .procmailrc recipe (sanitized for privacy) which is in actual
production use with a fetchmail multidrop account on one of the
servers I manage:


* ENV_TO ?? .
| formail -i "X-Envelope-To: "$ENV_TO@$DOMAIN | tail +2 |
/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/deliver -a accountname -m user/accountname

| formail -i "X-Envelope-To: UNKNOWN" | tail +2 |
/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/deliver -a accountname -m user/accountname

Its purpose is to insert an X-Envelope-To header with the envelope
recipient address for fetchmail, in conjunction with a virtusertable
line: accountname+%1

Note that the "deliver" commands should be on the same line as the
preceding "formail" commands. If you use dots as separators, replace
"user/accountname" with "user.accountname".


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*IMHO* The problem requires changes in cyrus (imap/smmapd.c) or
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The only *UGLY* temporary fix I can think about is "intermediary" server
(e.g. perl script) relaying sendmail socket map queries to cyrus.

Have you considered moving to LDAP based configuration of sendmail
and cyrus? Socket map (potentially) may provide only better handling of
"over quota" situations with in SMTP session rejects.

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