Cyrus-SASL + Cyrus-Imap Installation

Cyrus-SASL + Cyrus-Imap Installation

Post by Pete » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 17:24:26


i would like to install a Cyrus-Imap Server on a old SGI Indy. The OS is
Irix 6.5. Does anybody have expiriens with Cyrus Installation on Irix ???
Since a while I've tried to get the standard Cyrus-SASL + Cyrus-Imap
installation running, but without success. I've installed the Berkley DB3
(vers. 3.2.9), the Cyrus-SASL (vers. 1.5.24) and the Cyrus-Imap (vers.
2.0.13) packages which can be downloaded from
what's wrong, but it is currently not working.

I'am also looking for a method to test a SASL request. The only test i know
is the imtest tool, but it comes with Cyrus-Imap, and this test failed. As i
sayed, i don't now what's wrong (i'am not a real unix specialist) neither
the Cyrus-Sasl installation nor the Cyrus-Imap installation or both.

Thankx in advance for supporting me

Best regards Peter

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0) from sysexits.h
#define EX_DATAERR 65 /* data format error */

1) Have you tried to remove "From " header (not "From:") from message
passed to cyrus-deliver? AFAIR cyrus does not like it.

|formail "-IXFrom " |/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/deliver -a pwhrmsn -m user.pwhrmsn

2) Have you used w (wait for exit) flag in the procmail recipe?
It should give you an option to e.g.
* use maildir as fallback destination
* pass softfail (75) exit code to sendmail if your procmail is
executed by sendmail
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