IMAP folder problem

IMAP folder problem

Post by Stian Lun » Thu, 26 Feb 2004 23:06:53

posted this on the Eudora NG a few days ago, but no luck there, so I
though I might hear with you IMAP experts :) ...

A couple of days ago I tried to refresh my IMAP mailbox list for my
account, and the result was that Eudora (ver 6.0.3 paid) thought that
*all* files and folders in my home directory on the server was a mailbox
or folder. My Inbox is still found, and my IMAP folders are still
located in the mail/ folder, but it's very annoying to see other files
(like .newsrc, .addressbook and so on)as well, and there's a lot of
them. Eudora also takes for ever to start now, understandably enough,
since it has to load all files into memory.

I have my IMAP mailbox prefix set to my full path to the mail folder,
and I've also tried using "~/mail/" and a blank field, but get the same
result. This was working fine up until this weekend, I saw only my INbox
plus the folders in mail/ so I suspect some change in the server config
changed this. Also, I'm not sure which server they are running, is there
an easy way of finding out without asking the admin?

Does anyone know what causes this, or how it can be fixed, either in
Eudora or on the server. If it is a config issue, my host can easily fix
it if I just know what the cause is...

best regards,

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