Yahoo Mail Recent Bulk Mail Problems

Yahoo Mail Recent Bulk Mail Problems

Post by spod » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 19:40:13

Hi Richard

I've been having this problem since last saturday (28th). ALL my
incoming mail is being delivered to my Bulk folder. I wasn't aware of
this for a couple of days and deleted the contents as I usually do. I
thought the problem was with my domain host being unable to forward

I've tried to contact Yahoo! but no reply yet - I'm not holding my

Did you sort it out or are you still experiencing the same problem. I
wonder how many other people this is happening to. No suggestions I'm
afraid; I've just been using my filters more than I did.


Yahoo Mail Recent Bulk Mail Problems

Post by Richard Ka » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 11:54:29

I realized the problem was related to my mail forwarding -- I have email
from 2 different non-Yahoo accounts/domains forwarded to my Yahoo account,
and when email was forwarded to me which carried an original address other
than my Yahoo "Reply to" address it was interpreted as Bulk Mail. I
presume this was an attempt by Yahoo to prevent mail spoofing.

I adjusted my filters for a while to send all mail forwarded from the
"rejected" email address directly to my Inbox. Now a week or so later I
note the problem seems to have been fixed and most of my mail is being
sorted appropriately without the filters.

Perhaps Yahoo has corrected this problem in their Bulk Mail algorithm. Or
alternatively, perhaps the week or so of using a filter to redirect all mail
to my Inbox gave enough "examples" or data points to the Bulk Mail processor
so that it will no longer classify mail as Bulk merely because it was
forwarded from my alternate email address.

Any other ideas?

Richard Kaplan, CFII