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I've just installed it on a Solaris system, excellent!

Chris Green ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM )

1. (was: viewing MS word docs in openoffice)

2. Net:, and are temporarily unavailable

From: "Mark Dodel" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >

All three sites (, and run
on the VOICE server which is colocated in Michigan. It appears they
did some rewiring on Friday and, and are unable to be connected to. We have contacted them
but this may not be corrected until Monday. is
unaffected as it has already been moved to our new server located in
New Jersey. We are working on redirecting these sites to the new
VOICE server as well, but it may take a while for the DNS changes to

Because of this problem the VOICE News list is unavailable as well
until the problem is fixed as our mail server is still hosted on the
same server in Michigan. We are in the process of moving that to the
new server as well.

We appologize for the inconvenience, but its beyond our control, and
we have contacted the hosting site, so they know it has to be
corrected. Its just a matter of when the people who can rectify this
are available to do so. We will send out a progress report as
services are resumed.


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Warpstock 2003, San Francisco, October 18-19th -

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