urlview and w3m .. - it works!

urlview and w3m .. - it works!

Post by ekkard ger » Wed, 28 Apr 2004 05:56:39

It works for both, w3m and urlview!

> Also, it should be possible to copy text from w3m by holding the
> shift key down while dragging as usual with the left mouse button.
> This works for me when running w3m in an xterm window, anyway.


Thank you very much!

Gary, you're great

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At some point over the last week, my bound command to use urlview
stopped working and I'm not sure what caused this or what to do to fix
it. I have had some help on the irc channel, but haven't been able to
come up with a solution. When I hit the keystroke, it doesn't do
anything - no error message and no urlview. What is strange is that
urlview works on it's own and also works if I do a pipe to urlview
from within mutt as well.

I have tried stripping down my .muttrc - didn't work. I removed
my .urlview file - didn't work. Tried to rebind the |urlview\n commant
in my .muttrc - same affect. Removed and reinstalled my mutt package
(this is on kubuntu) - didn't help.

Not sure what else to do or to try. Any one having any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.


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