Post by Sastien Me » Sat, 06 Mar 2004 07:23:34


I use Mutt 1.4.1i-nntp3 on debian/sarge/ppc with Exim version 3.36.

I just did a sad mistake with Mutt, sending a couple of email filling
the Bcc: field... the contacts list appeared in the headers of the
message !

Ok, I should have check first that by default Bcc: does what I expect
it to (hide email addresses to recipients...).

So, now that it's to late :-(, and that I found in the doc that

set write_bcc=no

*actually* hide the Bcc: field to the recipients of the email, I would
like to understand the mecanism and the point of this setting, which
allows -- or not -- Bcc: to be hidden...

Any comment very welcome.


1. mutt, exim, write_bcc, Bcc: field/header, debian. Resolved.

2. Headers - write_bcc

* Chisel Wright < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >:

yes, this was a problem of mutt 1.5.3 or mutt 1.5.4
(don't remember which one). but it has been fixed.

probably. ;-)