Differences mutt 1.5.9i - mutt 1.5.10i

Differences mutt 1.5.9i - mutt 1.5.10i

Post by Tobias Mum » Sun, 14 Aug 2005 00:53:41

Hi folks!

6.3.21 braille_friendly
6.3.78 imap_check_subscribed
6.3.84 imap_login
6.3.101 header_cache
6.3.102 maildir_header_cache_verify
6.3.103 header_cache_pagesize
6.3.190 ssl_force_tls
6.3.198 ssl_min_dh_prime_bits
6.3.199 ssl_ca_certificates_file

6.3.78 imap_force_ssl


Again: Thanks to the mighty semi-god developers!

Best regards,
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Differences mutt 1.5.9i - mutt 1.5.10i

Post by Warner D. » Sun, 14 Aug 2005 09:58:17

Tobias Mummert < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in

I just built it on Solaris and HP-UX. The "make all" in docs
hung on mutt.1 so I had to remove mutt.1 from the "all:" directive
in the Makefile in the docs directory. Otherwise, it built just
fine, --enable-imap --with-ssl.