sendmail 8.12 redhat9 relay-domains = open relay?

sendmail 8.12 redhat9 relay-domains = open relay?

Post by jt » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:22:51

Running redhat 9, sendmail 8.12
Odd problem with the relay-domains file..

Using access file to allow/block relaying and using relay-domains to
define which domains are inbound and can be sent to by anyone. There
are 8 domain names in relay-domains and they all work fine, but when I
add domain number 9, which is the same domain that the sendmail box
resides in, the box becomes an open relay! Anyone can send mail to
anyone! I've never seen this before. Used to run sendmail on solaris
with no problems like this. for example, relay domains looks like

everything works fine, mail for these domains is accepted as inbound
and unless host is in access file as a relay, it can't send to any
domain but those listed above. When it looks like this, and i add to relay-domains, the box is a wide-open relay!

I've moved around in the file, tried it alone in the
file, same result. I'm stumped.

suggestions appreciated.

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sendmail 8.12 redhat9 relay-domains = open relay?

Post by Claus Aan » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 12:04:14


Please post two logfile entries (from=/to=) of a relayed mail
that show the problem. If you don't want to post real data here,

Include your .mc (not .cf) file and the output of

echo '$=R' | sendmail -bt -d0.10

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