Inconsistent rich text behavior or haunted by Arial 10

Inconsistent rich text behavior or haunted by Arial 10

Post by Henry Skog » Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:39:29

Start Wordpad on a Win2K, XP or Win2K3 (with or without service packs).
Type in a line of text, then insert a picture (for example alt+PrintScrn and
then ctrl-V, makes for a nice recursive effect), then insert another line of
Select the whole shebang with ctrl+A and change the font to, say, Times New
Roman and the font size to 28. Verify that you indeed have font size 28
everywhere by moving the caret to each of the three "paragraphs". Save to an
.RTF file, exit Wordpad. Start again and open the same file.

Position the caret on the picture, it's now reformatted to Arial 10, i.e. Times
New Roman 28 was just a transient effect. Or was it? If you open that same
document in Microsoft Word or the free Word viewer, Times New Roman 28 is still
around. And even more intriguing, if you try on an older OS, like Windows NT or
95: starting Wordpad there and open the .rtf file. Voila, Times New Roman 28!

The problem for us is that programmatic rendering of .rtf files (by creating our
own rich text control in Visual Studio) exhibits the same syndrome, i.e. Arial
10 rears its ugly head, and many of our .rtf files, which were created using
Windows NT, now looks corrupt on the screen or printer in Windows 2000 or XP.
We've tried rendering using a windowless rich edit control, fiddling with the
style/compatibility bits in riched20.dll, and tried all the 3.x and 4.0 versions
of riched20.dll (there all 11 different). To no avail; like death and taxes,
Arial 10 now reigns as the supreme format for all of our embedded pictures.

Is there someway for us to reestablish the correct formatting when rendering our
.rtf files on Windows 2000? (Using Word or the Word viewer is unfortunately not
acceptable, since we need a windowless component solution.)
/Rgrds Henry Skoglund

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