How to draw selection item of owner-drawn combo box?

How to draw selection item of owner-drawn combo box?

Post by UI Gu » Mon, 23 Jan 2006 04:59:03

[this is a repost of my 1/10 message, to which I got no replies]

A drop-down list combo box is used to choose one of several
alternatives. Each alternative has an abbreviation and a description,
and these are to be shown in the list in columns. Since the combo box
does not provide for tabbed text, I'm using owner-drawn fixed. The
strings in the list are abbrTABdescr, and the tabs are expanded by

Everything works fine, except that when a selection is made, the text
copied to the edit box of the combo does not have the tabs expanded.
I'm able to get the window handle of the edit box ("item"). If I send
reformatted (i e tab-expanded) text to the edit box while processing
DrawItem, that works. However, if I send the reformatted text after the
CBN_SELCHANGE notification, it does not appear, presumably because it
is immediately overwritten.

Since this is a drop-down list combo, I don't get CB_EDITUPDATE
notifications. Is there any way I can change the edit text after
Windows' combo box is through putting in the selected item?

The effect I am looking for is owner-drawn edit of the combo.