CDialogBar move

CDialogBar move

Post by c3Rldm » Sun, 18 Jan 2004 05:06:35

I have created a CDialogBar within CMainFrame. It will display in the right hand side. I like to drag the dialog bar to move to the right or restore back to original position. How to do that

CDialogBar m_wndDlgBar

if (!m_wndDlgBar.Create(this, IDD_ATTENDEE_FORM

TRACE0("Failed to create DlgBar\n")

What's need be changed?

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Does any one have any sample application using scrollbar in CDialog
Bar. I have placed controls on CDialogBar but when toolbar are
on it, its sizes shrink and the controls do not become visible.

I have chnaged the setting for CDialogBar to have Horizontal and
Vertical bar. When the scroll bars donot become visible and when
scrollbar are clicked, nothing happens ?

Any idea how to implement it ?

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