flash disk driver downloads

flash disk driver downloads

Post by soccergurl » Fri, 27 Feb 2004 13:15:24

i'm looking for downloadable drivers for a 128mb flash disk, anyone
know where i can find them?

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Help me some one.......I know one of you can. Have a Sony Vaio PCG
505 FX. We had WinXP on it but it was crawling and the owner said
wipe WinXP out and put Win98 on it. Used Boot disc from my computer
to create a boot disc for the Vaio so it would be able to download 98.
The problem is, the external Polaroid Burnmax CD Writer is not being
recognized. Downloaded Driver for it but it won't install in dos mode
and that is all we have on the Vaio. Any helpfull suggestions? I
don't want to have to buy another laptop.

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