Nokia 9210i error with connectstate

Nokia 9210i error with connectstate

Post by joke » Sun, 18 Jan 2004 13:58:58


i am currently using a nokia 9210i with pc suite installed on my
system. PC suite is of the latest ed, and there are some problems.

PC is WinME with P4 and running on Peer to Peer with tablet.

Connection on the phone is serial cable and its listening on COM1

problem: whenever i shutdown, i will receive a connectstate error with
kernel32. this problem will occur especially if i disconnect the peer
to peer networking.

any one has any help with this issue? am not sure why is it related to
kernel32. i have ran Windoctor and no issue came up.

please advise.


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2. Data transfer to Nokia 9210i

Since my touch screen rejected my touch and then died altogether I have
transferred my affection to said Nokia 9210i, which I stupidly thought
being Symbian, would be similar.

I have backups on my PC of my 5mx files and I want to use these on the
Nokia 9210i. As the 5mx's screen is now dead I can't see to transfer any
data I could convert on the 5mx(save as CSV for e.g.). In any case I
had to remove PsiWin before I could install the Nokia software (Which
did not de-install properly, leaving annoying traces in Outlook; as, I
think, a result I can't get the Nokia calendar sync. to work).

Is there a PC utility(please don't say PsiWin!) that will convert Sheet
and Word files at least to CSV and text if not from EPOC 5 to EPOC 6 in
something like the original format?

I'm happy with the Nokia 9210i,apart from import and export
facilities!, a very nifty bit of kit, just wish I could get that
calendar to work and the files across. I have copied them to the Nokia
9210i but of course cannot open them, largely I suspect due to EPOC
difficulties as much as the file formats.

Any clean suggestions appreciated



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