SONY Clie Memory Sticks

SONY Clie Memory Sticks

Post by maximusv20 » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 07:25:34

I am new to PDAs and need to know if a standard memory stick will
support MP3 files for a SONY Clie SJ33 ?


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Hi everyone,
I just bought a Sony CLIE PEG-NX70V palmtop. Now I want to buy a
memory stick for it. After looking at the prices for SONY memory
sticks I am definitly attracted to buy some other brand such as Lexar
or scandisk but I am worried if that will be compatible with it or
not. I have also called the technical suuport and they told me that
there might be a problem with the stick of it is not compatible with
Palm 5 OS that I have on it but he also said that usually they work
fine. But I want to confirm because he never seeme really sure.

So is Lexar or Scandisk memory sticks compatible with sony CLIE
PEG-NX70V (with palm 5 OS).

Moroeover if I have to buy a wireless network card then do I have to
necessarily go for a SONY card ??? Resaon : Again, because it is too
expensive, $150. So do I have any alternative regarding this too. The
sony tech told me that with other cards I might have some problems
regarding the physical size of the card, it terms of the other card
not able to fit in the slot.

Can anyone advise ???



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